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Genetically engineered bacteria for oral delivery of bioactive proteins, therapeutics, and vaccines
Lactococcus lactis as vehicle for biotechnological production of proteins and clinical delivery of therapeutics InventorCasim Sarkar, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Bioengineering Technology OverviewThe Sarkar lab has genetically engineered the Gram-positive bacteria Lactococcus lactis to secrete a single-chain insulin analog (SCI-57) that is bioa...
Published: 11/28/2018   |   Inventor(s): Casim Sarkar
Keywords(s): Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology
Category(s): Diagnostics, Therapeutics & Vaccines
Implantable Device to Treat Epilepsy
Diagnostic and preventative implantable device with computer-brain interface for treatment of epilepsy.InventorBrian Litt, MD, Department of Neurology ProblemOne percent of the world’s population suffers from epilepsy. Aside from seizures’ debilitating effects, patients are confined by their unpredictability. Prevention is one way to de...
Published: 11/27/2018   |   Inventor(s): Brian Litt
Keywords(s): Biological Sensors , Biomedical Engineering
Category(s): IT, Communication, & Networking, Diagnostics, Therapeutics & Vaccines, Materials, Medical Devices
Classifying high-frequency oscillations in physiological recordings
Method for Automatic and Unsupervised Classification of High-Frequency Oscillations in Physiological Recordings InventorBrian Litt, MD, Department of Neurology ProblemAutomatic detection and classification of high frequency oscillations (HFO) data for use in clinical diagnosis and therapy has been limited. Currently, researchers visually inspect fo...
Published: 2/3/2016   |   Inventor(s): Brian Litt
Keywords(s): Biomedical Engineering, Engineering, Neurodegenerative Diseases
Category(s): Research Tools & Reagents, IT, Communication, & Networking, Imaging, Medical Devices
Stabilized, shear-thinning hydrogels as scaffolds for drug delivery and regenerative medicine
Secondary crosslinking of injectable shear-thinning hydrogels to enhance mechanics and stabilityInventorJason Burdick, Professor of BioengineeringProblemHydrogels are crosslinked polymers that are used in biomedical applications for culturing cells in vitro or for the delivery of cells or therapeutic molecules in vivo. Injectable hydrogels may be ...
Published: 10/21/2015   |   Inventor(s): Jason Burdick
Keywords(s): Biomedical Engineering, Engineering
Category(s): Materials