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Immunotoxin Therapeutic Targets Epithelial Derived Cancers
Brief DescriptionImmunotoxin chimeras of DNaseI and cytolethal distending toxin (CdtB subunit) are an effective therapeutic against epithelial tumors. Technology OverviewImmortalized epithelioid cell lines are sensitive to CdtB, whereas cells of mesenchymal, or ectomesenchymal origin are relatively resistant. Unique chimeras of the cdtB gene and hu...
Published: 11/27/2018   |   Inventor(s): Joseph Dirienzo
Keywords(s): Cancer, Immunotherapy, Therapeutics
Category(s): Therapeutics & Vaccines
Therapeutic targets for T-cell lymphomas and other types of cancer
Interdependence of oncogenic and epigenetic mechanisms in T-cell lymphoma.Technology Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) is a highly malignant type of Non-Hodgkin’s T cell lymphoma in which chromosomal translocation leads to the expression of a fusion oncoprotein Tyrosine Kinase - Nucleophosmin/Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase or NPM/ALK.Dr. Wasi...
Published: 11/28/2017   |   Inventor(s): Mariusz Wasik
Keywords(s): Cancer, DNA, Lymphokines
Category(s): Therapeutics & Vaccines
Phorboxazole compounds as potent anti-tumor agents
Problem: Phorboxazoles are naturally occurring compounds that have been isolated from the marine sponge Phorbas, endemic to the western coast of Australia. Previous screens of phorboxazoles against the National Cancer Institute human cell line panel indicated the most potent cytotoxicity assayed. While the mechanism of action in vivo is unknown, ...
Published: 11/30/2016   |   Inventor(s): Amos Smith
Keywords(s): Cancer
Category(s): Therapeutics & Vaccines, Chemical Processes and Synthesis
Critical role of a kinase in breast cancer pathogenesis for use in diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis
SNF1-related serine/threonine kinase was found to play a critical role in the pathogenesis of breast cancers and is a potential diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic target.InventorLewis Chodosh, MD, PhD, Department of Cancer Biology ProblemVarious studies have shown that estradiol and progesterone play a critical role in the development of breas...
Published: 9/11/2015   |   Inventor(s): Lewis Chodosh
Keywords(s): Cancer
Category(s): Diagnostics, Therapeutics & Vaccines
Universal cancer vaccine targeting tumor vasculature
Brief DescriptionA DNA vaccine targeting tumor endothelial marker 1 (TEM1) that allows to prevent and delay tumor progression without adverse effect on physiologic angiogenesisTechnology OverviewImmunization against antigens specifically expressed on tumor vasculature is a very attractive immunotherapy options due to its ability to prevent solid tu...
Published: 8/31/2015   |   Inventor(s): George Coukos
Keywords(s): Cancer, Vaccine
Category(s): Therapeutics & Vaccines
Novel Choline Kinase Inhibitors for Cancer Imaging and Therapy
Novel compounds allowing for optical detection and targeting of choline kinases for cancer treatment. ProblemCholine Kinase (ChoK) deregulation is associated with oncogenesis and tumor progression in a number of human cancers including glioblastoma, breast and lung cancers. In breast cancer elevated ChoK activity is correlated with histological tu...
Published: 7/15/2015   |   Inventor(s): Edward Delikatny
Keywords(s): Cancer
Category(s): Diagnostics, Therapeutics & Vaccines, Imaging
Diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer using a prostate cancer antibody
Brief DescriptionMonoclonal antibody and immunotherapy use in prostate cancer Docket # V5084 Technology OverviewBoth androgen dependent and independent prostatic carcinomas have a high potential to metastasize; unfortunately, the overall 5-year survival rate for metastatic prostate cancer is only 34%. Dr. Greene and his collaborators at the Unive...
Published: 6/10/2015   |   Inventor(s): Mark Greene
Keywords(s): Cancer
Category(s): Diagnostics, Therapeutics & Vaccines
Her2/Neu Inhibitors for Cancer Therapy and Molecular Imaging
Cancer affects approximately 10 million people globally, with breast and lung cancer accounting for 25% of cancer incidences.Assuming over expression of Her2 is responsible for 25% of the breast cancer and lung cancer, and then the estimated market is about one million. The estimated price of Lapatinib, a small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitor, i...
Published: 5/20/2015   |   Inventor(s): Mark Greene
Keywords(s): Biotechnology, Cancer
Category(s): Therapeutics & Vaccines, Imaging
Tumor mitochondria vaccine for the treatment of cancer
DescriptionImmuno-oncology, immunotherapy, cancer vaccine, mitochondriaInventorAndrea Facciabene, PhD ProblemProgression in cancer immunotherapy has been rapid with a number of products currently available and many others in late stage clinical development. However, clinical response to immunotherapies is variable and dependent on cancer types as w...
Published: 5/18/2015   |   Inventor(s): Andrea Facciabene
Keywords(s): Cancer, Immunotherapy, Vaccine
Category(s): Therapeutics & Vaccines
Method of using an implantable biomaterial embedded with Collagen III to prevent metastases after solid tumor resection
Brief DescriptionCollagen III embedded biomaterial is predicted to decrease collagen network signatures associated with aggressive tumor behavior and suppress tumor progression and metastases at the site of tumor resection. Docket # 14-7024 Technology OverviewIn cancer patients, mortality results primarily from metastatic disease, and the tumor m...
Published: 5/11/2015   |   Inventor(s): Susan Volk
Keywords(s): Cancer
Category(s): Materials
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