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Monoclonal antibody to CXCR6


Brief Description

CXCR6 is a chemokine receptor expressed by leukocytes and other cells, and is believed to play a role in cancer metastasis, gut mucosal integrity, autoimmunity, diabetes and other inflammatory disorders.  It is also used by SIV as a co-receptor for target cell entry.


Docket #  15-7418


Technology Overview

Current commercially available monoclonal antibodies that react with the human CXCR6 receptor do not cross-react with the nonhuman primate monkey receptor (Table 1). Dr. Ronald G. Collman from the University of Pennsylvania generated a pan-primate monoclonal antibody that recognizes cell-surface CXCR6 of Rhesus Macaques, Sooty Mangabeys, African Green Monkeys, as well as Humans and Chimpanzees. It is CXCR6-specific as it shows no cross reactivity with related receptors Apj, GPR15, CXCR4 or CCR5 (Figure 1). 


The antibody reacts with surface CXCR6 from multiple primate species (as well as humans) based on FACS staining of transfected cells, and is specific based on lack of cross reactivity with related receptors. 



FACS                     active (indirect immunofluorescence)

Western blot       not tested

Epitope target       not tested

Isotype              not tested


Detects: CXCR6 of Rhesus Macaque, Sooty Mangabey, African Green Monkey (Sabaeus), African Green Monkey (Vervet), Chimpanzee (P.t. verus), Human


Does not react with: Sooty Mangabey Apj, Sooty Mangabey GPR15, Sooty Mangabey CXCR4, Sooty Mangabey CCR5



Ronald G. Collman, MD.   



Table 1 – Commercially available antibodies were tested for detection of nonhuman primate CXCR6 antibodies.  Expression vector containing the cloned receptors were transfected into 293T cells and stained by FACS using direct immunofluorescence.  Expression of the molecule was confirmed based on function (support for SIV Env-mediated infection).


nt = not tested



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