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Biorealize: a customized platform for high-throughput, automated cell culture


Integrated desktop system for biological design and culture of genetically modified organisms



Orkan Telhan, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts - Emerging Design Practices;
Karen Hogan, Department of Biology Lab Coordinator;
Mike Hogan 


Technology Overview

Researchers in the School of Design and Department of Biology have collaborated to design a desktop suite of novel devices and methods for high-throughput, automated liquid cell culture.  There are innovations in bioreactor design, liquid transfer, and process analytics to incorporate transfection, incubation, DNA purification, and isolation in one system. The design of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is readily approachable in combination with the existence of DNA design programs.  Because of the small footprint of the design, this system can appeal to non-academic use without the complexity and cost of a traditional cell culture facility.  Because cells are not exposed to the user or environment before lysis, the safety hazards and culture contamination risks associated with traditional cell culture are minimized. Through advanced process analytics, the system can carry out parallel experiments that explore different DNA designs, as well as variations in culture media and process conditions (i.e., humidity, temperature, pH) with combinatorial design methods. By providing a standardized hardware and software platform, researchers are able to reproduce findings and validate each other’s protocols. 




•       Closed, safe, asceptic research platform

•       Process automation, analytics, and history

•       Low cost, portable, small footprint system

•       Minimize culture contamination

•       Minimize amount of glassware / autoclaving / consumables / transfer operations/human intervention

•       Compatible with standard interfacing consumables, protocols, plasmids, cell lines

•       Carry out multiple experiments simultaneously



•       Automated liquid cell culturing  for aerobes and anaerobes

•       Design of genetically modified organisms

•       Reproducing and verifying standardized biological parts (i.e., Plasmids, BioBricks)

•       Manipulating interplay between culture conditions and genetic expression

•       Combinatorial experimentation with different DNA designs and culture conditions

•       Wide variety of fields, including synthetic biology, bioengineering, food/flavor/fragrance research, education, design, materials


Reference Media


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Stage of Development

•       Proof-of-concept, Prototype


Intellectual Property

PCT pending



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Docket #  15-7445 

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