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Ultra-high throughput detection of fluorescent droplets for point-of-care diagnostics using microfluidics and cell phone camera


Brief Description: Cell-phone based detector for miniaturized, rapid droplet microfluidic analysis




The Issadore lab has created a novel generation and ultra-sensitive fluorescent detection method that can be applied to fluorescent droplets or cells using a parallelization approach that can be used for point-of-care applications.  Droplet microfluidic detection is carried out with a cell-phone based camera at extremely high throughput (> 100 mL/hour), high sensitivity, and a dynamic range compatible with digital assay needs.  More specifically, the microdroplet megascale detector can generate and detect millions of droplets per second in 120 parallel microfluidic channels, with a limit of detection of 1 ┬ÁM of fluorescent dye.  The droplets are patterned by blinking an LED, modulated by an Arduino, in minimally correlating maximum length sequences, with each pattern resolved into a sharp peak after an algorithm correlates the signal to its pattern.