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Oral Delivery of Human Therapeutic Proteins Bio-Encapsulated Within Plant Cells to Confer Protection Against Inherited Or Infectious Diseases


Dr. Daniell has developed a new drug delivery platform that is a low cost alternative to current methods of human therapeutic protein delivery.  The inventor has demonstrated that biopharmaceuticals fused with transmucosal carriers can be expressed in plant cells and then freeze-dried.  This bio-encapsulated therapeutic can be delivered orally to the patient, where it is protected from the acidic and enzymatic environment of the stomach, but is digested by the microbes that colonize the gut.  This releases the pharmaceuticals to the circulatory system of the treated individual.  Capsules of lyophilized plant cells are stable >15 months at room temperature and maintain their functionality—no need for refrigeration of vaccines or insulin.  The bio-encapsulated therapeutic are effective in vaccine delivery, Type I diabetes auto-antigen therapy, angiotensin converting enzyme 2 or angiotensin-(1-7) in hypertension and cardiac dysfunction, and reducing amyloid plaques in Alzheimer’s disease via delivery of myelin basic protein.

IP Status:
Issued US Patent(s):  5,693,507; 7,129,391; 7,354,760; 7,795,497; 7,294,506; 7,767,885; 7,803,991; 7,741,536

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