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Rapid and ultrasensitive profiling of EGFRvIII mutations in cancer and normal tissue
A method to rapidly detect the presence of EGFRvIII mutations in cancers and normal tissue using digital PCR. Problem: Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is a devastating brain cancer with poor prognosis. EGFRvIII is a mutation in the Extracellular Growth Factor Receptor that frequently occurs in GBM tumors. Targeting EGFRvIII mutations is an emerging...
Published: 10/5/2020   |   Inventor(s): Deeksha Saxena, Jay Dorsey, Gary Kao, Donald O'rourke, Maclean Nasrallah
Keywords(s): Cell Therapy, Central Nervous System (CNS), Immunoncology, Oncology
Category(s): Chemical Processes and Synthesis, Diagnostics, Research Tools & Reagents
A Smart Cryostat or “Smart Cut”
A cryostat with optical imaging capabilities to detect cancerous tissue using near-infrared (NIR) imaging and artificial intelligence software. Problem: During surgery, biopsies are taken for pathologists to examine and answer the following questions: (a) did the surgery locate the tumor? (b) is the margin of the tumor removal site tumor free...
Published: 5/6/2020   |   Inventor(s): Sunil Singhal, Lydia Frenzel Sulyok, Mitchell Bryski
Category(s): Diagnostics, Software & Data & Algorithms & Apps
Novel blood biomarker predicting brain damage and long-term dysfunction after concussion
Rapid diagnostic and prognostic marker predicting risk of brain damage and lasting dysfunction after mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI or concussion) Problem: Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), alternatively referred to as concussion, is the most common neurological injury. mTBI affects more than 1.5 million children and adults each year in the...
Published: 3/20/2020   |   Inventor(s): Robert Siman
Category(s): Diagnostics
Heart disease diagnostic and prognostic
Indicators for treatment of bicuspid aortic valve and aortopathies. Problem: Bicupsid aortic valve (BAV) is the most common congenital heart defect in the US, with an approximate incidence of 1 in 50 births. BAV frequently leads to valve dysfunction and is associated with serious adverse aortic events such as aortic aneurysm, dissection and rupture....
Published: 3/20/2020   |   Inventor(s): Giovanni Ferrari, Emanuela Branchetti
Category(s): Diagnostics
Hyperpolarized gas delivery to subject in MRI scanner for enhanced pulmonary diagnostics and disease progression monitoring
Device for the optimal mixing and delivery of MRI gaseous contrast agents Problem: Gaseous contrast agents, and more specifically, hyperpolarized (HP) noble gases, such as helium-3 and xenon-129, are used for investigational imaging of respiratory gas in lungs by MRI for the purpose of assessing regional lung function. The ultimate goals of such...
Published: 3/20/2020   |   Inventor(s): Kiarash Emami, Stephen Kadlecek
Category(s): Diagnostics, Imaging, Medical Devices
Antibodies for Targeting CAR-T Cells to Neuroendocrine Tumors
Technology Overview: Neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) pose serious threats to patients’ well-being as malignant diseases, and most patients with metastatic NETs succumb to the disease. Using Sequential Tumor-related Antibody and antigen Retrieving (STAR) technology Dr. Xianxin Hua, MD, PhD at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School and his...
Published: 3/20/2020   |   Inventor(s): Xianxin Hua
Category(s): Diagnostics, Imaging, Therapeutics & Vaccines
Drug discovery and target identification platform technology using random shRNA-expressing library
shRNA library of 3 million sequences for identification of small-RNA therapeutic candidates, new targets and pathways, as well as conventional chemical-compound drugs in cell-culture disease models. Problem: ShRNA Drug Discovery: RNA interference (RNAi) using short hairpin RNA (shRNA) is commonly used to inhibit gene expression. shRNA-expressing...
Published: 3/19/2020   |   Inventor(s): Robert Wilson
Keywords(s): Neurodegenerative Diseases
Category(s): Diagnostics, Therapeutics & Vaccines, Research Tools & Reagents
Novel Choline Kinase inhibitors for cancer imaging and therapy
Novel compounds allowing for optical detection and targeting of Choline Kinases for cancer treatment. Problem: Choline Kinase (ChoK) deregulation is associated with oncogenesis and tumor progression in a number of human cancers, including glioblastoma, breast, and lung cancers. In breast cancer, elevated ChoK activity is correlated with histological...
Published: 3/19/2020   |   Inventor(s): Edward Delikatny
Keywords(s): Oncology
Category(s): Diagnostics, Therapeutics & Vaccines, Imaging
High spatial and temporal resolution mapping of brain activity using flexible multiplexed electrode arrays with long term stability and safety
Flexible foldable actively multiplexed high density electrode array for mapping brain activity in-vivo Problem: Electrode arrays for recording and stimulating the brain are used throughout clinical medicine and basic neuroscience research, but are unable to sample large areas of the brain while maintaining high spatial resolution because of the...
Published: 3/19/2020   |   Inventor(s): Brian Litt
Keywords(s): Neurodegenerative Diseases
Category(s): Diagnostics, Medical Devices
One step N-terminal tagging of endogenous proteins for therapeutic delivery, diagnostics, and in vivo imaging
N-Terminal protein modification using adenosine substrates and aminoacyl transferase Problem: The conjugation of synthetic molecules to the termini of proteins with minimal effects on protein folding and function is an active area of biochemical research. Previous N-terminal protein modification methods suffer from side reaction products, incomplete...
Published: 3/19/2020   |   Inventor(s): E. James Petersson, Alan Saghatelian
Category(s): Chemical Processes and Synthesis, Research Tools & Reagents, Diagnostics, Therapeutics & Vaccines
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