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WHIMsy Maps: A simple and efficient application to make World Heat & Impact Maps

Technology Overview:

Although maps are extremely useful for presenting and analyzing information, they’re not used as frequently because map making applications are generally too complex to set up and modify. To alleviate this, WHIMsy Maps is a simple web-based application that creates choropleth maps using differences in shading, coloring, and movable symbols on real world maps to indicate quantities and densities of events. The efficiency and ease of using this application allows for usage by regular, everyday people across an array of fields ranging from students and research teams to businesses and schools. WHIMsy Maps ultimately provides a novel, easy to use application for sharing the location and impact of any organization or group across a global interactive map.



Many organizations, from research groups to charity foundations, want to have effective methods of displaying their information on globally accurate maps. This information could present how often storms occur in certain geographical areas to study weather change or display how donations were distributed to needy areas to promote greater fund raising. Despite maps being incredibly affective at presenting information, most map making applications are intricate to create and modify on a regular basis. Because of this complexity of usage, most information that would otherwise be presented on an interactive map, is presented by alternative methods.



WHIMsy Maps provides a user friendly, web-based application for making heat and impact maps that can be used across an array of organizations and topics. By simplifying the map making process, WHIMsy Maps offers a new tool for an array of fields that improves the efficiency of communicating and interpreting information while providing a visually appealing, interactive interface that was not previously available to everyday map users.</rss.solution



  • Simplifies map making to have a very user friendly application used by everyday individuals
  • Interactive map qualities allows for application functionality across a wide range of topics


  • Information organization, analysis, or presentation
  • Can be used by virtually any group that needs improved data representation such as schools, research teams, and businesses.

Stage of Development:

An early-stage application currently in use by several groups across the University of Pennsylvania


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Docket # 17-8024


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