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Slow release hydrogel system for delivering therapeutics to the middle and inner ear

The invention comprises a slow release hydrogel formulation for sustained, localized, and controlled delivery of therapeutics to the middle and/or inner ear. 


Technology Overview: 

Treatment of middle and inner ear pathologies is a very large area of unmet need, as most current strategies fail to deliver a high-level and localized sustained dose of a therapeutic to the areas. 


This technology, which overcomes the localized high-dose delivery hurdle, has the potential of being useful in the treatment of middle ear and inner ear pathologies, including Meniere’s Disease. The hydrogel slowly degrades over time as it delivers its therapeutic cargo, and was also developed to allow it to be quickly degraded and washed out in emergency situations through the application of an exogenously applied enzyme.      


Intellectual Property: 

US 10,383,882

WPO 2009/076,369


Reference Media: 
Lajud SA et al.; J Control Release. 2013 Mar 28;166(3):268


Desired Partnerships: 

  • Co-development
  • Direct licensing

Docket # U4595

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