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Laser tissue solder for rapid, watertight and pressure-bearing surgical closures

Technology Overview: 

Producing watertight, strong, high burst-strength surgical wound closures in internal organs and tissues has long been a challenge faced by surgeons in many disciplines. This invention comprises a chitosan-based tissue solder formulation that is applied as a gel and hardened quickly in place using a surgical laser without damaging / burning surrounding tissues. 

Using their optimized tissue solder formulation, the Penn scientists have demonstrated high burst strength, watertight, and air-tight wound closure in various tissues as well as efficient healing of the wound following tissue welding in preclinical animal models. This technology is well positioned to provide surgeons with a tool to rapidly, reproducibly and strongly close large openings produced during surgery and other wounds, where it is critical to achieve a watertight and high burst-strength closure but where suturing is not an option.

Intellectual Property: 

  • Pending US rights
  • Pending AU, CA, EU, and IN rights

Reference Media: 

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  • Arch Facial Plast Surg. 2012 Jan-Feb;14(1):52-8.
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Desired Partnerships: 

  • Co-development
  • Direct licensing

Patent Information:


Docket # V4914

For Information, Contact:

Jeffrey James Associate Director, PSOM Licensing Group
University of Pennsylvania