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Mapping software that determines optimal locations for new trauma centers

Mapping software capable of calculating ideal locations for new trauma centers based upon travel time and patient accessibility to reduce travel time and increase patient access 



Trauma is a leading cause of death in the United States, accounting annually for tens of millions of emergency department visits and hospitalizations. Although the transport time to a trauma center crucially affects patient outcomes in time sensitive situations, the trauma healthcare system lacks a method to determine ideal locations for placement of new trauma centers. As facility resources and personnel are limited, such a method is needed in order to ascertain distinct locations that will be readily accessible and serve as many patients as possible.  



Dr. Branas at the University of Pennsylvania has developed mapping software that is capable of calculating the travel time to the nearest trauma center from anywhere in the U.S. The software algorithm incorporates geographic and demographic data in order to compute the travel time via several different modes of transportation (e.g. ambulance, helicopter).


Furthermore, the software determines optimal locations for new trauma centers based upon travel time and patient accessibility. Thus, this technology could vastly improve the trauma healthcare system by ensuring that trauma centers are placed to minimize travel time and maximize the number of patients they can treat.


Mapping software displays accessibility to trauma centers from anywhere in the U.S



Charles C. Branas, PhD



  • Optimizes health care system for faster patient care in time-sensitive situations
  • Determines new trauma center locations that will optimize patient access and reduce travel time
  • Incorporates geographic and demographic data into algorithm, as well as travel time via several modes of transportation


Determination of ideal locations for new trauma centers


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The technology has been developed and is currently in a gamma phase, with numerous academic papers and grants preceding it.


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Docket # Z6749