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anti-Ago2 (2A8) (Mouse)


Clone: 2A8
Applications: WB, IHC, RNA pull down
Species Reactivity: Human
Alternative Names: EIF2C2, argonaute 2, AGO2, MGC3183, Q10
Immunogen: His-hAgo2 (aa 47-879)

Relevant Publications:

  • [IHC, RNA pull down, WB] - Nelson PT, De Planell- Saguer M, Lamprinaki S, Kiriakidou M, Zhang P, O'Doherty U, Mourelatos Z., A novel monoclonal antibody against human Argonaute proteins reveals unexpected characteristics of miRNAs in human blood cells., RNA. 2007 Oct;13(10):1787-92. [Pubmed: 17720879]
  • [RNA pull down] - Schwartz JC, Younger ST, Nguyen NB, Hardy DB, Monia BP, Corey DR, Janowski BA., Antisense transcripts are targets for activating small RNAs., Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2008 Aug;15(8):842-8. Epub 2008 Jul 6. [Pubmed: 18604220]
  • [RNA pull down, WB] - Wang WX, Wilfred BR, Hu Y, Stromberg AJ, Nelson PT., Anti-Argonaute RIP-Chip shows that miRNA transfections alter global patterns of mRNA recruitment to microribonucleoprotein complexes., RNA. 2010 Feb;16(2):394-404. Epub 2009 Dec 30. [Pubmed: 20042474]

This antibody recognizes all argonaute proteins.

Tech-ID: V5198

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