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anti-CD22 (Mouse)

Monoclonal (IgG1)

Clone: Cy34
Applications: IP, Radioimmunoassay, Flow cytometry, ELISA, IF
Species Reactivity: Mouse
Alternative Names: CD22, Lyb8.2, CD22
Immunogen: i.v. with spleen cells and s.c. with B10.D2 spleen cells

Relevant Publications:

  • [Flow cytometry, IP, Radioimmunoassay] - Symington FW, Subbarao B, Mosier DE, Sprent J. Lyb-8.2: A new B cell antigen defined and characterized with a monoclonal antibody. Immunogenetics. 1982;16(5):381-91. [Pubmed: 6984010]
  • [IF, ELISA] - Dromer F, Barbet J, Bolard J, Charreire J, Yeni P. Improvement of amphotericin B activity during experimental cryptococcosis by incorporation into specific immunoliposomes. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 1990 Nov;34(11):2055-60. [Pubmed: 2073097]
  • [Flow cytometry] - Erickson LD, Tygrett LT, Bhatia SK, Grabstein KH, Waldschmidt TJ. Differential expression of CD22 (Lyb8) on murine B cells. Int Immunol. 1996 Jul;8(7):1121-9 [Pubmed: 8757957]

Tech-ID: X5844

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