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Percutaneous mitral valve replacement

Technology Overview: 

A transcatheter approach to Mitral Valve Replacement (MVR) would represent a major advance in the treatment of valvular heart disease as approximately 2.4 million Americans suffer from moderate to severe ischemic mitral regurgitation. However, many of these patients are deemed too sick or debilitated to tolerate standard open heart surgical procedures.

The complex anatomy of the mitral valve (MV) and the high pressures to which it is exposed prevent the application of the current aortic and pulmonic replacement technologies to the treatment of MV disease. Successful transcatheter MVR requires:

1. a specialized atraumatic sutureless anchoring mechanism;
2. a perivalvular sealing strategy; and
3. foldability. 

The inventors have developed a novel mitral valve replacement (MVR) device designed to anchor and seal in the mitral position without need for sutures.

Reference Media: 

Gillespie, M.J, et al., Ann Thorac Surg. 2013 Aug;96(2):670-4

Patent Information:


Docket # U4822

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