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Advanced platform for Integrated Circuits and Microfluidic Integration



Microfluidics allow for significantly improved analyte detection.  Unfortunately, current techniques to incorporate low cost IC methods and novel microfluidic methods suffer from an inherent mismatch in device sizes (mm vs cm). To date, techniques developed have either been expensive, time consuming, or unreliable.



This technology developed in the Issadore sidesteps these issues with a novel platform based on laser micromachining and lithography via inexpensive methods. Additionally, the techniques allow for easy incorporation with existing ICs to create an inexpensive, reliable, and high throughput device to precisely analyze tumor cells, sparse biomarkers, rare cells, or other analytes in small quantities. This technique has been successfully demonstrated with commercial differential giant magnetoresistance (GMR) IC.



  • Flexible platform enables easy incorporation with commercial ICs
  • No costly additional post-processing
  • Tight integration of microfluidics and ICs.  Improved fluid mechanisms and control.
  • Minimizes amount of analyte needed for detection.
  • Manufacturing methods are inexpensive and geared towards high reliability.  Usage of common processing techniques and materials.


  • Multifunctional platform enables both serial and parallel analyte topologies.
  • Serial configuration allows for multiple analyses to be run on same analyte.
  • Parallel configuration allows for higher throughput.  Reduces error rate via redundant devices.
  • Can be used for different form factors or different technologies (CMOS, dielectric, etc.)

David Issadore, Assistant Professor, Departments of Bioengineering and Electrical & Systems Engineering


Intellectual Property:

PCT application (PCT/US2015/050144)


Reference Media:

Muluneh, M. and Issadore, D.  Lab on a Chip, 2014, 14(23), p. 4552-4558.



Desired Partnerships:  

  • License
  • Co-development

Docket #  15-7237



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