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Tool for safer, easier passage of nasogastric tubes

Technology Overview: 

The danger of blind passage of nasogastric tubes stem from their small external diameter, rigidity, and length. The small external diameter and the rigidity give it the ability to perforate soft tissues, makes it difficult to verify the position of the distal end, and makes it difficult to manipulate distally and give it the ability to pass into the trachea.  In addition, the operator will not know if it has made it into the stomach, or elsewhere, until it has been inserted 40 cm. 

The tool designed circumvents these problems, and provides a method for easy and safe access into the esophagus. Its design, shape, and materials are chosen to reduce perforation and trauma, and to provide reliable placement into the esophagus. 

Intellectual Property: 

Issued US patent(s): 7,918,841

Reference Media: 

Ellet, et al., Clin Nurs Res 2005 Feb; 14:11-27; discussion 28-31.

Patent Information:


Docket # T4430

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