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Method to enhance formation of nano-features in soft lithography

Technology Overview: 

Soft lithography uses a patterned elastomer polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) as the stamp or mold to generate micro- and nano-patterns. This method is limited for features smaller than 100 nm, as the low modulus PDMS may deform and result in pattern collapse and rounded corners.

Penn scientists have developed a novel method to form sub-100nm features on nano-patterned thin films of PDMS that takes advantage of the ability of PDMS to be distorted by solvents, mechanical forces, and heat in a controlled and predictable fashion. 

Intellectual Property: 

Issued US patent(s): 8,530,689

Reference Media: 

Y. Zhang et al., Nano Letters, 8, 1192 (2008) 

Patent Information:


Docket # T4500 

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Pamela Beatrice Director, SEAS/SAS Licensing Group
University of Pennsylvania