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Non volatile resistance switching Si based thin film devices

Technology Overview: 

Current non-volatile memory products, a $30B market, are dominated by flash memories. However, flash memory is facing challenges of unable to scale down for future market.

Resistance-switching cell is one of the most promising contenders for replacing flash memory. The new member cell developed at Penn is a resistance-switching device using Si-based amorphous materials. The entire device is fabricated on Si substrate using standard CMOS equipment, therefore compatible with IC process. The memory cells showed very promising performance: 25ns switching time, 2~4V threshold, 100 or better on/off ratio, and long memory retention time.

Intellectual Property: 

Pending worldwide rights

Reference Media: 

Choi, B. J., Advanced Materials, Volume 23, Issue 33, pages 3847–3852, September 1, 2011

Patent Information:


Docket # Y6149

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Qishui Chen Licensing Officer, SEAS/SAS Licensing Group
University of Pennsylvania