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Targeted drug delivery using red-blood cells for transport
Platform technology for targeted drug delivery using red blood cells for transport. Problem: Drug delivery can often result in up to 99% of the drug being delivered to off-target organs. This can lead to side-effects and toxicities. Current methods that bind drugs to red-blood cells for transport can require modifying the structure of the red...
Published: 6/23/2020   |   Inventor(s): Laura Ferguson, Elizabeth Hood, Carlos Villa, Jacob Brenner, Vladimir Muzykantov
Keywords(s): Acute Lung Injury, Cardiovascular, COVID-19, Drug Delivery, Nanotechnology, Respiratory
Category(s): Therapeutics & Vaccines
Nanoparticle catalysts for high performance methane combustion
Problem: Methane, also known as natural gas, is a widely used in power generation and has the advantage of producing lower carbon emissions than coal per unit of energy generated. However, the release of any unburned methane during combustion presents a problem, as methane is a potent greenhouse gas with a heat-trapping effect 20 times greater than...
Published: 3/20/2020   |   Inventor(s): Raymond Gorte
Keywords(s): Nanotechnology
Category(s): Chemical Processes and Synthesis
Fabricating specialized oleosins: From surfactants to drug delivery to imaging
Technology Overview: The Hammer and Lee Labs have developed a method to produce oleosins and functionalized oleosins for a wide variety of applications from surfactants to a drug delivery vehicle to cancer cells. E. Coli can be can be transformed to fabricate oleosin or oleosin with additional molecules, including antibodies and GFP. Problem:...
Published: 3/18/2020   |   Inventor(s): Daniel Hammer, Daeyeon Lee
Keywords(s): Nanotechnology
Category(s): Materials, Imaging
Nanoparticle-oligonucleotide hybrid structures for biosensors, bio-imaging, and targeted delivery
Self-assembled hybrid structures of DNA block-copolymers and nanoparticles with enhanced DNA binding and high selectivity Technology Overview: Researchers in the Park Lab have developed a method that exploits the self-assembling property of DNA-polystyrene block copolymers to synthesize hybrid nanoparticles. These hybrid structures encapsulate...
Published: 3/17/2020   |   Inventor(s): So-Jung Park
Keywords(s): Nanotechnology
Category(s): Research Tools & Reagents, Imaging
Nanowire phase change memory
Problem: Phase Change Memory (PCM) is a leading contender to replace flash memory. In PCM devices, a material is heated to undergo glass transition, changing back and forth between the amorphous and crystalline state. However, existing PCM devices have experienced problems with reliability and threshold voltage drift. In order to make commercially...
Published: 3/17/2020   |   Inventor(s): Ritesh Agarwal
Keywords(s): Nanotechnology, Semiconductors
Category(s): IT & Communication & Networking, Hardware & Circuits & Sensors, Materials
Carbon-based nanopipettes for single cell injection
Multiplexed, nanoscale electrochemical sensor for analyte delivery and detection Technology Overview: The Bau Lab has developed carbon-based nanopipettes (CNPs) that allow for reliable single cell injection. These CNPs use an AC electrical impedance measurement to detect cell and nucleus penetration, which greatly improves upon standard pulled...
Published: 3/16/2020   |   Inventor(s): Haim Bau
Keywords(s): Nanotechnology
Category(s): Research Tools & Reagents, Materials
Diamond Waveguides for Photonic Devices
Problem: Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) can transmit information for computing using light rather than electricity. Using PICs on chips would allow for faster data transmission rates, lower power consumption, and less energy wasted through thermal dissipation. Diamond is a promising material for PICs due to its optical properties, however, fabrication...
Published: 2/3/2020   |   Inventor(s): Lee Bassett, Richard Grote
Keywords(s): Nanotechnology, Optics & Photonics , Semiconductors
Category(s): IT & Communication & Networking, Hardware & Circuits & Sensors
Robust Smart Windows: Reversible Switching from Transparent to Color
Technology Overview: A composite film consisting of a thin layer of quasi-amorphous array of silica nanoparticles (NPs) is embedded in a bulk elastomeric polymer film. It is highly transparent (>90% transmittance in the visible wavelength) in the initial state. Upon mechanical stretching, the transmittance is dramatically reduced to 30% and...
Published: 1/31/2020   |   Inventor(s): Shu Yang
Keywords(s): Nanotechnology
Category(s): Energy & Infrastructure & Environment, Materials
Nuclemeter: A yardstick for quantifying nucleic acids undergoing enzymatic amplification
or drug therapy efficacy, and identify the emergence of drug-resistant strains, particularly HIV. While real-time nucleic acid amplification and quantification methods, such as PCR, have revolutionized modern genetics and diagnostics, expensive specialized instrumentation and extensive sample preparation are needed, along with continuous monitoring...
Published: 1/23/2020   |   Inventor(s): Haim Bau, Changchun Liu, Michael Mauk
Keywords(s): Nanotechnology
Category(s): Diagnostics, Research Tools & Reagents
Ultrathin robust plate nanomaterials
Technology Overview: The nano-honeycomb shells have been fabricated from ceramic materials via atomic layer deposition. The thickness can vary between 20 and 70 nm, and the largest single sheet measured 0.5 cm x 1 cm in area, creating sheets of the material at sizes that are visible to the naked eye. Other comparable low-density materials are very...
Published: 3/1/2019   |   Inventor(s): Igor Bargatin
Keywords(s): Nanotechnology
Category(s): Materials
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